Mom of coolest monkey model says stop crying wolf


The European clothing line sparked a major controversy days back when it ran an advertisement on its website featuring a black boy wearing a hoodie with the slogan "Coolest monkey in the jungle".

Speaking to, Ms Mango later revealed she had been targeted by trolls over her comments, including those who used "monkey" as a racial slur. "Unnecessary issue here, get over it,".

Within hours of the image gaining attention, H&M took the decision to remove it from its United Kingdom and U.S. websites and "all other channels". There's no word yet if the lad has accepted, and Diddy's people refused to comment when approached by, but it would certainly be one heck of an outcome to the sh*tstorm caused by the controversy. In a statement on Wednesday (10 January), the company said: "We have got this wrong and we are deeply sorry".

She wrote: "Stop crying wolf all the time".

In a series of since-deleted Facebook posts, Terry Mango said she didn't support the backlash over the ad.

"That's my son. I've been to all photo shoots and this was no an exception, everyone is entitled to their opinion about this", she said, according to a screenshot reported by BET.

The outlet reported that Terry Mango took to social media to share her opinion.

"Maybe it's just one of those mistakes that one makes".

Lukaku, 24, who has more than 2.3m Instagram followers, wrote: "You're prince soon to be a king".

H&M ultimately removed the image from the website and took the product out of rotation, promising to recycle the unsold garments.

The advert has received widespread criticism on social media - including from basketball star LeBron James. And we ain't going for it!

Since the H&M image began circulating on the internet earlier this week, both The Weeknd and G-Eazy have stated that they are canceling their collaborations with the fast-fashion retailer.

Labour MP Kate Osamor, whose parents come from Nigeria, tweeted: "I was totally shocked, dismayed to say the very least, to find this online image". "After seeing the disturbing image yesterday, my excitement over our global campaign quickly evaporated, and I've decided at this time our partnership needs to end", he wrote.

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