'Deadpool 2' Is Coming to Theaters Earlier Than Expected


Fox has already set a February 14, 2019 release date for the film; no word if that will have to change given the new news.

New Mutants sees its release date move from April 13, 2019 to February 22, 2019.

That being said, Miller is now prepping his Terminator reboot with James Cameron, and presumably once he's finished with that, Disney and Marvel Studios will have made their decision as to how they plan to handle the X-Men moving forward.

Fox announced today that it was going to be shuffling around some of its upcoming X-Men films like "Deadpool", "Gambit" and "New Mutants".

Despite an impending buyout, it's still business as usual at 21 Century Fox as the studio is reportedly working on a new "X-Men" film based on the character Kitty Pryde a.k.a. Shadowcat. With that director Josh Boone will be requiring some reshoots to turn it into a more fully fledged horror movie than what it now is. He just might be able to pull this off, and he's also been looking to get behind the camera, developing potential directorial debuts such as Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and The Son. The Channing Tatum vehicle just lost its director - Gore Verbinski exited Thursday - and the search is on for a replacement. Verbinski joined the project in October following Rupert Wyatt's departure in October 2015 and Doug Liman in August 2016.

We can't ignore the fact that recent entries have allowed Mystique to develop more as a character than anyone would have ever thought, were they to judge from the original three films.

The most surprising change is the delay of The New Mutants.

These are interesting times for 20 Century Fox and their X-Men series.

The only movie that seems to be keeping its release date is X-Men: Dark Phoenix.