Circuit City plans comeback online


Circuit City has picked February 15 as the day its website will relaunch, CEO Ronny Shmoel said Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The new incarnation of the company will also operate stores within other stores before making a leap to its own retail locations.

Shmoel told his audience at CES that Circuit City's revamped website will include virtual vignettes, search by photo, augmented reality and real-time tech support via video chat, among other experiential features, Twice said.

Consumer electronics website Twice was first to report the announcement. The company will relaunch online next month, while its physical presence in the form of stores is coming later.

The relaunch will be lead by CEO, Ronny Shmoel, who brings vast retailing, e-commerce, and global sourcing expertise.

The company has also enlisted IBM Watson as a personal shopping assistant on the website, according to a news release.

"The IBM web commerce platform will allow Circuit City to expand offerings for a personalized shopping experience and enhance the product discovery journey", company officials said in a statement.

Under new ownership, Circuit City will relaunch with a dynamic, social-focused e-commerce site, along with various concepts of innovative retail stores, and unprecedented e-commerce technology offerings.