Switch voice to video calls with new feature on WhatsApp


WhatsApp has quietly pushed out a beta update that introduces a video call switch into its messaging app, which could encourage people to use video instead of voice calls.

The current version of WhatsApp forces you to end a voice call before you can switch to a video call, so the new feature should save you a little bit of time and unnecessary hassle.

This means that in the beta update, you will not be able to switch between voice and video calls, so you will have to choose between these two options. This new feature is now available on Android devices with Android 6.0 and above.

Today, in this update, we have noticed that WhatsApp has finally enabled something very small but interesting.

The recipient can accept or reject the request: if he will reject it, the voice call will normally continue, otherwise WhatsApp will automatically switch the voice to the video call.

Such small changes show how WhatsApp under the wing of Facebook is slowly evolving as a mobile communication app.

WhatsApp has introduced a dedicated button to switch from video to voice call or vise versa. With this new feature, you don't have to cut the call and go to the chat list to create a video call. You can use these features on WhatsApp by enrolling Google's beta programme, or downloading the latest APK version.

In this case, the recipient on the other side will get a request for video call, which can either be accepted or rejected. Additionally, any incoming call would interrupt and abandon the voice recording process, this bottleneck also seems to be solved now.

That's where the company tests experimental and upcoming features.

Although the calling features, both voice and video, are now only available for one-to-one conversation, WhatsApp is reportedly working on an update that would allow even group conversations to access this feature.