Super Mario Odyssey Getting Balloon World Update


Nintendo has unveiled some free Super Mario Odyssey DLC, with the upcoming update introducing Luigi's Balloon World to the game. Find It does the opposite, tasking players with finding balloons hidden by other players. Soon, players will be able to dress Mario up in Sunshine Shades and accompanying outfit, clearly inspired by Super Mario Sunshine.

This update will also add a variety of new costumes to the game, including a suit of armor that looks particularly cool.

Super Mario Odyssey released back in October to critical acclaim and commercial success, and Switch owners won't have to wait too long for more of the beloved Italian plumber with new content heading to the game next month. Finally, we'll be getting a handful of new filters for snapshot mode, so if you find yourself using that to capture in-game screenshots frequently, you'll have at least a few more options once this update lands.

Since its release, there has been plenty of time for players to collect all the available outfits and obtain all the stars in the game. Some have discovered glitches, such as one that helps with the frustrating jump rope challenge. Upon meeting him, he will challenge the player to complete one of what appears to be several balloon-based objectives. Once you've done that, you can seek out Luigi in any of Super Mario Odyssey's kingdoms to play.

Announced in today's Nintendo Direct Mini, Luigi's Balloon World is a new competitive mode that will see players hiding and then seeking out balloons placed by other players around the game.