Samsung to bring SmartThings control to its Gear smartwatches


Now, this isn't the first time we've had the opportunity to yell at a refrigerator - that was past year - but Samsung promises we'll be able to ask for daily rundowns and control SmartThings-compatible gadgets like connected lights and thermostats.

Samsung wants Bixby to play a greater role in its ecosystem and it's gradually expanding the assistant to more devices. But this year's CES, Samsung is opposing the pattern as it adds a new voice assistant to its smart Family Hub refrigerator.

The grand strategy is to use the Samsung SmartThings Cloud, Bixby voice controls, connected vehicle, and the upcoming 5G wireless broadband to deliver seamless connectivity via a single app, and a single cloud, not a bunch of different incompatible technologies.

Similarly, the Samsung refrigerator can, besides telling you how long your food has been in it or suggesting recipes, be turned into a monitor board for all other devices.

"IOT is still frustrating to a lot of people, but it doesn't need to be", said Yoon Lee, senior vice president at Samsung Electronics.

Because of its module-based, bezel-less design, "The Wall" enables consumers to customize their TVs to the size and shape of their choice, it said, noting the modular screen can be used to create a wall-sized display, or just let users increase their traditional screen size to suit a new room in their home.

The company also announced its plan to increase adoption of IoT devices through an intelligent platform that is both open and consistent across devices.

IoT, or making everyday objects smart and connected, is an ambitious idea.

The new line-up of Family Hub refrigerators is expected in the United States by May 2018 and there is no update on the price yet.

Previously, Samsung embarked upon technology enabling products to interact with each other.

New products and services announced at CES 2018 highlight exactly how Samsung is making progress to create seamless IoT experiences. Family Hub is also more intuitive and intelligent with the addition of Bixby voice control and its integration with Samsung's SmartThings IoT ecosystem. The new Family Hub refrigerators offer a wide range of smart features like syncing food storage with meal preparation, and keeping family members better connected and organized.

Finally this fridge talks to you, courtesy of Samsung's very own Alexa rival called Bixby. Samsung is partnering with wireless carriers and broadband providers to conduct the first customer trials of 5G connectivity with up to 100 times faster speeds than the 4G LTE available on phones today.

The new technology will allow users to manage their fridge through simple voice commands using Bixby personal voice assistance.