Nintendo Switch Getting Remake of Classic DS RPG


Rounding things out after the expansive list of Nintendo first-party announcements, SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~ is making its Switch debut this summer, grabbing special heroines from the history of SNK's video game catalogue and slotting them into a tag-team fighter. Do you think it'll be better than the last game?

In Balloon World, players will be able to hide balloons within stages. We also saw some new combination abilities. If you're unfamiliar with the series, Payday is a game that asks players to pull of elaborate bank heists with a team of online multiplayer friends.

There isn't a firm release date for the game as yet, with only the vague "2018" window confirmed thus far. The game will incorporate an exclusive character for the Nintendo Switch version.

As featured in our independent games Ones to Watch, Fe is an open world platformer set in a dark Nordic forest that has been silenced for fear of the machines known as the Silent Ones.

Fe - If you've been waiting for a gorgeous, exploration-heavy adventure for Nintendo Switch, this is it.

Another platform for the Nintendo Switch sees you controlling Madeline as she takes on the unsafe Celeste Mountain.

The highly stylized visuals and Matrix-inspired story will likely appeal to people who like a mixture of odd games combined together, like Half-Second Hero, Jet Set Radio and Yakuza all combined into one. Super Luigi Odyssey. We know you want it, too. Mario steps onto the court in classy tennis garb for intense rallies against a variety of characters in full-blown tennis battles. Balloon World will be available in February. Sadly, you won't be able to get both at once - the first half of this update rolls out on January 31 and the second lands on March 23.

A new DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle adds Donkey Kong to the game, and seemingly will add new story content in the form of a plot centred around lovable DK.