New Moto mods include Lenovo Vital, Livermorium Slider Keyboard


The Lenovo Vital Moto Mod will be available for purchase in April for a price of $395 (roughly Rs. 25,200) and the Livermorium Slider Keyboard Moto Mod will be available for a purchase in Winter 2018 for $99 (roughly Rs. 6,300).

At CES 2018, Lenovo took the wraps off two new Motorola Moto Mods, accessory modules that magnetically attach to Motorola Z phones like the Moto Z2 Force and Z2 Play.

Lenovo Vital Moto Mod will be the most expensive among the new launch.

Last year, we reimagined what a smartphone can do with moto mods that snap on to turn the moto z into a super-zoom camera, boombox, projector-you name it. One of the Mods, known as the Lenovo Vital Moto Mod, is health-related and gathers biometric data.

Additionally, Motorola has released an Android app called Moto Z Market, which will help you find and order Moto Mods from your phone. It also measure your pulse oximetry levels, or how much oxygen is in your blood, and the two common types of blood pressure readings.

Meanwhile, the Vital Moto Mod will be available in the USA in April and measures your heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature. Once attached, the phone can slide up to about 60-degrees to reveal a full, backlit keyboard.

Lately, we have been seeing a rise in clinical grade health devices for home users and it is only a matter of time before the features are implemented on many compact devices like the fitness trackers.

"This moto mod delivers when a touch screen can't handle your typing needs while throwing back to the keyboard days", said Motorola.

Moto in its blog post says, "We worked with developers on the moto mods ecosystem in a variety of ways - a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo, our Accelerator Program and distribution of our Moto Mod Development Kits (MDK) to interested dev teams".

Lastly, you can now see all your favorite moto mods and apps connected to it, through the moto z Market App.