LG WK9 smart display device announced at CES 2018


Google Assistant will be able to communicate directly with the connected TiVo, translating spoken phrases hands-free to the box as if they were spoken into a TiVo Vox remote. Dubbed simply "Lenovo Smart Display", this Google Assistant-based smart speaker offers the convenience of an either 8 or 10-inch screen to facilitate deeper, more intuitive interaction between the user (s), and Google's Assistant.

JBL says the Link View provides excellent sound quality, and is ideal for anyone that consumes a large amount of content daily.

Dish announced today that it has been working on integrating Google Home and Google Assistant into its TV service, fleshing out the options for controlling a TV with your voice.

"Voice-activated speakers are perhaps the most dynamic sector not only in the audio space but in consumer electronics in general", EDISON RESEARCH SVP TOM WEBSTER said.

The Google Assistant, meanwhile, is also headed to the Dish Hopper, Joey, and Wally devices. Sony should join the Amazon Echo Show-challenging party as well sometime "later this year", provisionally keeping under wraps everything about its own voice-commanded, display-sporting smart speaker. "Commissioning studies like THE SMART AUDIO REPORT allows us to stay ahead of the curve, meaningfully connect with listeners, and continue finding ways to create a more informed public". "We have been through a lot of work to achieve this with [our] high end speakers - it's.relatively easy in small devices [like Echo or Google Home] but more hard [for us]".

Pricing and availability for Australia is yet to be known.