How To Watch Overwatch League Matches Online


The inaugural season of the Overwatch League features ten city-based teams from around the world divided into Pacific and Atlantic divisions. They play Florida Mayhem today at 10pm GMT. The Valiant and the Gladiators dominated San Francisco Shock and Shanghai Dragons with 4 to 0 victories.

Tokens will show up in your Overwatch account sometime before the end of February, according to Blizzard, so don't worry if they're not there immediately.

Also akin to traditional sports, these teams will be battling it out over a gruelling regular season and postseason schedule.

At BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard unveiled a brand new map coming to the team-based shooter Overwatch called "Blizzard World", which is a theme park inspired by the universes of other games from the publisher and developer.

A last-minute deal has been struck between the makers of video game Overwatch and streaming site Twitch a day before matches kick off in a newly created league. Millions of people are expected to watch.

This much was revealed in an Overwatch forum post, as Kaplan replied to a user who had been wondering exactly when they should expect the game's new Blizzard World map and its skins to go live.

Activision taps Amazon's Twitch to televise new eSports league

While city-based teams are standard in traditional sports leagues, they aren't the norm for eSports, where teams typically run under their own banners or those of the companies that sponsor them.

"Given Overwatch's consistent reign as a top-viewed game by our community, we look forward to offering their pioneering style of league play to a large and passionate fan base that will be able to bond over not only their favourite plays, but hometown pride".

Loot boxes roll their items the moment you acquire them - meaning if you hold on to loot boxes, they will not have new items or any other changes to that system.

Blizzard will still host streams on its own website, however.

Overwatch League features teams of players playing the popular game "Overwatch", with teams that advance to the playoffs securing significant payouts.