Game Boy is respawning thanks to Hyperkin


If it wasn't a Game Boy then you clearly weren't with it. Another childhood Nintendo classic is headed back to stores. The peripheral manufacturer is now working on an updated version of the classic Game Boy tentatively called the Ultra Game Boy. The console even has stereo speakers despite old-school Game Boy games only supporting a mono audio playback.

Shown to Gizmodo at CES 2018, the Ultra Game Boy mimics the form and function of Nintendo's hit 1990s handheld.

Unlike Nintendo's remakes, this console won't come with pre-installed games so you'll need to dig out your old Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges if you want to play.

This isn't Hyperkin's first foray into Game Boy nostalgia. It's also housed in an aluminum casing, giving it far more durability than the plastic Game Boy shells we're all used to. The Ultra Game Boy carries over the original's volume and contrast dials, but the final version will include a third dial allowing you to adjust the portable console's new backlit LCD display through the entire RGB spectrum.

It's impossible to count how many hours we spent (wasted) blowing air into cartridges, swapping games, and charging up that little lad who actually had a surprisingly long battery life considering.

According to Gizmodo, the Ultra Game Boy will be a handheld console that will be able to play original Game Boy cartridges, but with some improvements.

The remake follows other popular Nintendo reissues like the NES Classic and the SNES Classic which have become best-sellers. But an outside company, Hyperkin, is making the next-best thing: its own retro version of the Game Boy, as fidgety and pixelated as you remember it, called the Ultra Game Boy.

For starters, the Ultra Game Boy comes with a built-in backlight, something we didn't get in the original Game Boy line until the Game Boy Advance SP.