Costco Customer Returns 'Dead' Christmas Tree In January For Full Refund


Bizarrely, the woman apparently managed to get her money back in full despite taking the battered fir back a full ten days after December 25.

- What happens when Christmas is over and your tree is dead?

A California woman who had bought a Christmas tree from Costco went back to return it on January 4, demanding a refund because she claimed that the tree was "dead".

So come January, the woman reportedly wanted her money back for her once lively Christmas tree because it was now dead. It was questioned, verified purchase on her account and she was shamed to a small degree...

Costco is known for it's generous return policy.

"I can't make this stuff up", Scott Bentley wrote in a Facebook post that appears to have since been deleted or made private. People do this all the time.

The warehouse club allows members to return nearly anything they've purchased at any time for a full refund (there is a 90-day limit on electronics).

Used Christmas trees are often left on curbs for waste collectors after the holidays, but a woman in Santa Clarita, Calif., brought hers back to Costco for a refund, "because it was dead".