Vivo unveils first smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner


We've been hearing about in-display fingerprint sensors for quite a while. Vivo stayed mum on other specification details, choosing instead to wax poetic about the advantages such a fingerprint reader brings. Vivo, though, has made real progress. Vivo was not alone as another company, Doogee, has incorporated a fingerprint sensor underneath a 6.2 inch display on the Doogee V.

Fingerprint scanners have been one of the most preferred way of authentication on smartphones, sitting either on the front or the rear of the smartphone. Some analysts predicted that the OEM was Vivo, and the company confirmed those suspicious at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

"Vivo says that this is world's first ready-to-produce smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner, and just to be clear, on the inside lies Synaptics" in-display fingerprint scanner, 'Clear ID'. Hopefully we in India will see it sooner. About a month ago, Synaptics unveiled its Clear ID FS9500 sensor, and said that it will be featured in a "Top 5" manufacturer's phone before long. Now, if you take a look at the gallery down below, you'll be able to see the company's smartphone, while the two videos down below will give you an idea as to how the in-display fingerprint scanner works. As per Vivo, it is ready for mass production and should be announced in early this year.

The mechanics of setting up your fingerprint on the phone and then using it to unlock the device and do things like authenticate payments are the same as with a traditional fingerprint sensor.

It does require that you put your finger in an exact spot in order to work, but fortunately a fingerprint image pops up on the spot when needed so you're not fumbling blindly across the display.