Jet crew, accomplice held for smuggling dollars; sent to jail


A Delhi-based crew member of Jet Airways has been apprehended with US$480,200 (valued at Rs 3.21 crore) on board a Delhi-Hong Kong flight in a late-night raid on Sunday by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), officials from the agency said. She used to hand over the money to someone in Hong Kong.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the DRI said that officials have recovered United States dollars 4,80,200 (approximately Rs 3.21 crore) wrapped in foil in her possession. The gang would then bring in gold illegally to convert the black money into white.

Jet Airways was caught up in another controversy on Wednesday when two of its pilots were involved in a scuffle on a flight from London to Mumbai.

The DRI suspected the role of some other crew members of Jet Airways in smuggling out forex, the official said.

Malhotra has adopted a modus operandi of using crew members for smuggling of foreign exchange.

India Airline Crew Member Held For Smuggling $508000

The crew member had wrapped the undeclared cash in aluminium foil and kept it in her check-in baggage.

She was allegedly supposed to get one per cent of the total money smuggling.

The flight, which carried 324 passengers, landed safely in Mumbai, but Jet Airways grounded the two pilots while the airline investigated the incident, which anxious cabin crew and passengers during the flight, Fox reported.

Amit Malhotra, the alleged hawala operator, has also been arrested. The employee has been taken into custody. "Jet Airways has a strict code of conduct and zero tolerance towards any action of its employees that contravenes domestic or worldwide laws of the countries in/to which it operates", the spokesperson added.

The leading Indian private airlines, Jet Airways has sacked two of its senior commanders who were involved in a cockpit fight while flying from London to Mumbai on January 1.