Voters prepare to hit the polls for US Senate Election Tuesday


In the 2016 U.S. Senate election, there was 0.27% of Baldwin County write-in votes.

A circuit judge on Monday ordered election officials to set voting machines to save all digital ballot images, which would preserve voting records in the event of a recount.

Alabama's Secretary of State John H. Merrill expects statewide voter turnout in Tuesday's special U.S. Senate election between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones to be in the range of 20% to 25%.

Flowers said a low turnout favors Moore and larger turnout favors Jones.

"We need a good firm leader somebody to represent Alabama that knows what they are doing and that is going to stand behind the people", said voter Shane Hudson.

"The write-in votes played a very big factor", President Trump tweeted. "I have wrote in Nick Saban instead".

Last week, 66-year-old Richard Barnett of Birmingham told Fox News he'd likely write in Sen.

Even Sen. Shelby said before the election he would vote for a write-in candidate, after allegations of past sexual misconduct surfaced against Moore.

Some Republicans also had suggested drafting former Alabama Sen. Alabama football head coach Nick Saban has already received at least one vote after a Republican voter proudly told MSNBC that he wrote in the coach on his ballot.

Merrill, the secretary of state, said the write-in votes will be processed and revealed next week.