Ferry runs aground at Calais Port


Authorities were evacuating a ferry carrying 313 people that ran aground Sunday at the French port city of Calais, interrupting boat traffic across the English Channel. "Port officers are looking at how to refloat it", an official in the local administration said.

P&O Ferries said the port of Calais was closed during tug-ferry operations and it had cancelled sailings on Pride of Kent.

"Nobody is hurt and the ship is stable", a prefecture spokesman said.

The Dover-bound Pride of Kent ran aground on a sand bank on Sunday in Calais harbor in France during bad weather.

Two tug boats were trying to pull the ferry free, but winds gusting at up to 110 kilometres (70 miles) per hour were making the task hard.

Two tugboats attempted to pull the ferry back into the water, so that the traffic could be restored at a busy port, BFMTV broadcaster reported. As of 1400 UTC Dec 10, ferry was still aground, with two tugs at her side.

P&O operates 20 ferries and carries around nine million passengers a year.