Putin says Russian Federation won't prevent athletes from competing in Pyeongchang - agencies


In response, the IOC this week suspended the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), banned all ROC officials from the Winter Games to be held in South Korea in February, and will only allow invited Russian athletes to compete under the Olympic flag (i.e., not as representatives of their country).

The ban means that now "clean" Russian athletes can not participate in the games under their country's flags.

"I'm flabbergasted that the International Olympic Committee did anything", Kershaw told The Canadian Press from Norway. "I mean I know it's about the medals but it's not about the medals in a way".

The games will not be broadcast in the country because of the absence of a Russian national team. A Russian duo won gold that year.

- I'm with athletes, I think that we should not boycott the Olympics.

You probably don't remember, but I wrote an open letter to you a few years back, voicing my concern about the Olympic movement.

Putin said on Wednesday that Russia would not prevent its athletes from competing in Pyeongchang as neutrals, damping down calls from some Russians to boycott the Games.

Who will be allowed to compete as a neutral has yet to be determined.

Kershaw believes Russia's sport leaders should bear responsibility for what happened in Sochi and the subsequent fallout. But Mutko said that the interests of Russia's athletes were his top concern.

"We will all know that they will be representing Russian Federation".

"They have so much power over the athletes compared to the western culture". In recent years, Russian athletes and even staff at the Russian anti-doping agency have alleged systemic cheating, but global sporting authorities refused to act. Carey asked at the Olympic trials in Ottawa. It is necessary to pay more attention to mass sports in order to find talented children, who then would become real athletes. While we have certain difficulties in elite sports, we should invest in mass sports, youth sports, and do it professionally, realizing that we need coaching staff and legal medical and biological security, including specialized nutrition, so that professionals were able to achieve high results without any doping. "I think our athletes have to go and do their best".

Another Olympics expert from the University of France-Comte, Eric Monnin, said the International Olympic Committee was "playing for its life and legitimacy" during the sordid state-sponsored doping affair, in which the global body also banned Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko from the Olympics for life.

"It's firm (the decision) while allowing for a future with Russian Federation to be built", said the specialist in the fight against doping.

"The system is being punished ... the conspiracy is being addressed and sanctioned and if there are clean athletes who can prove they're clean, they still have a chance to compete".

Canadian luge athlete Sam Edney wonders whether the playing surface was level when he missed the podium at the Sochi Olympics.

"The final decision of course must be made by the Olympic team", he said.

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