'PUBG' reveals its second map, Miramar


Previously announced at Paris Games Week, these packs will offer exclusive cosmetic items for PUBG on Xbox One in limited time offerings.

Within the map are several new locations, including Los Leones, "the largest city in the region" filled with construction sites and abandoned commercial buildings, as well as Monte Nuevo ("the picture of a town beseiged"), Valle del Mar ("a colorful oceandside town) and San Martin ("a war zone")". Hopefully in the future, new maps can release at a slightly faster rate.

It contrasts to the now existing map, Erangel, in that it's not an island.

In addition to The PUBG Warrior Pack being available, don't forget to tune into The Game Awards, where thePUBG team will reveal the first-ever gameplay footage of PUBG's new desert map live onstage and is also nominated for Game of the Year, Best Ongoing Game and Best Multiplayer Game. Instead of lush fields and forest, Miramar is harsh desert.

The developer also unveiled a host of new screenshots as well as short descriptions of a number of key areas such as landmarks and towns, all of which can be found on the announcement page here.

According to Bluehole, Miramar will be playable during the final test round before PUBG version 1.0 delivers the goods. Unlike the R1895 it replaces, the R45 will not support a suppressor, though you will be able to add a red dot sight to improve your aim.

So far, PUBG has featured only one map for its battle royale matches where players must collect armor, weapons, and food in order to be the last one standing. When the next major Test Server update launches, sometime after December 7th, the new desert map and the R45 will be included, along with vaulting, other tweaks, and new vehicles.

And below, the Win94.