Congress suspends Aiyar after his 'neech' remark


He further said that the party expects Aiyar to apologise for what he said.

Reacting to PM Modi's accusations, Aiyar, using derogatory language called PM Modi a "Neech Aadmi".

"I never meant "low born". He is not civilised and in a situation like this, there is no need to practise such dirty politics".

His remarks came after Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi pointed out that the language used by Aiyar was contrary to the "culture and heritage" of the party.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a blistering attack on Mani Shankar Aiyar after the Congress leader called him "neech aadmi" (a vile man), claiming it was a casteist slur against him.

"Are we going to integrate them (Muslims)?" Modi, who was addressing an election rally here, said Aiyar's comments were an "insult" to Gujarat. "But people of Gujarat will take revenge on December 18 and teach you the precise meaning of neech", Modi said. "I am an ordinary worker of Congress, have not even been asked to campaign in Gujarat so why such a uproar over my comment?" We do not have this mindset and want to congratulate them for theirs.

The PM even recalled Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's 10-year-old "maut ka saudagar" remark against him as he accused the rival of constantly insulting and conspiring against him.

Many also credit Aiyar's chaiwala remark against Modi ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections for BJP's resounding victory then. The Congress party has realised that defeat is inevitable and they have lost mental balance...

This was the reason, Rahul Gandhi used issues like GST, demonetisation, jobs, education and health in a bid to counter BJP in Gujarat.

Hours before the end of campaigning for first phase of Gujarat polls, Aiyar's controversial remark against PM Modi brought Congress back in the defensive mode, but Rahul Gandhi interfered timely and stopped the controversy from escalating. Early today, he was given a show cause notice by the party. Aiyar has also been served a show cause notice.

Aiyar, while talking to ANI, said it was the first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who turned Dr Ambedkar's wish into reality and it was not correct to badmouth the Nehru-Gandhi family. There is a difference in English language between words "low" and "low-born".

In a 50-minute speech at a public meeting in Limbayat in Surat, Modi referred to Aiyar's neech word 20 times. Modi and his party, the BJP had used the remarks to their advantage while reminding people that he was being targetted for having a humble background.