WatchOS 4.2 adds Apple Pay Cash support for Apple Watch


Apple Pay Cash features launched with iOS 11.2. Money received via Apple Pay Cash will be stored in a digital card in the Wallet app, which users will be able to spend anywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

Discover officially announced its relationship on Tuesday, soon after Apple Pay Cash officially went live in the U.S.

Since the launch of Apple Pay in the United States, the payment service has been expanded to Canada, France, Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Spain, Ireland, and Taiwan. They can also use it as payment in stores which accept Apple Pay.

Apple recently released the new iOS 11.2 software update which brought Apple Pay Cash To the iPhone. So, using this feature one can send and receive the money via messenger. They can view their Apple Pay Cash transaction history in the Wallet app. The recipient doesn't even need to have Apple Pay setup on their device first.

Apple Pay Cash is the Cupertino tech firm's answer to Venmo.

Transferring funds is free, but only when a debit card is used. And since there's no Touch ID, much less Face ID, you'll have to key in your passcode the old-fashioned way.

The feature, which initially came to iPhones in the company's iOS 11.2 update, is now available for users of the smartwatch in both the Wallet app and Messages app. In order to enable the same, the required cash in Apple Cash has to be present. Within a 7-day period, users can send up to $20,000 tho their bank account.

If you are sending or receiving cash, there is a $1 minimum and a $3,000 maximum. More sports services will be added in future, Apple said. Apple also assures that Apple Pay Cash doesn't affect a person's credit and won't be impacted by any credit freezes.