The next Huawei phone might pack a triple-lens 40MP camera


Huawei has recently launched its Mate 10 series which has gained huge popularity after its launch.

Prolific leaker Evan Blass shared some interesting news about Huawei's flagship smartphone for next year. Paired with the new lens technology mentioned above, the Huawei P11 could shape up to be one of the best phones on the market for taking lovely photos.

Chinese phone developers Huawei are planning to add a triple camera in 2018 to its P-series after a leak by industry inside Evan Blass.

As with other Huawei devices that have leveraged their partnership with Leica, the material indicates they'll be using the same "co-engineered with Leica" tagline in the advertisements. The P10 is already a phone with a capable camera - it's got a dual lens 20- and 12-megapixel rear camera setup and 8-megapixel front camera - but if the rumors are true, the Huawei P11 could get some serious upgrades. Yes, three lenses on the back, 40MP resolution, 5x zoom, and a 24MP front-facing camera to boot. It's also possible that PCE is just a dummy placeholder to hide its actual name of Huawei P11.

Huawei will also be taking a focus at low-light imaging as the picture also mentions a Pro Night Mode.

In another poster, there's a special Pro Night Mode, which claims to have a new sensor and optics to "capture 100 percent more light and shoot gorgeous night scenes without tripod". Additionally, the "Pro AI Camera Assist" will help with "instant scene recognition and auto-framing" to provide users with the best quality images in various conditions. The Huawei P10 was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February, so keep your eyes out for more P11 info in the coming months.