Here are Ireland's most watched YouTube videos of 2017


It's also introducing tougher restrictions on advertising and making greater use of smart technology.

Bill Wurtz has been publishing short animated videos to YouTube for several years, but none have gotten quite as much attention as his attempt to recap the history of the entire world in under 20 minutes.

"Some bad actors are exploiting our openness to mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm", Wojcicki said, adding that YouTube's trust and safety teams have reviewed almost 2 million videos for violent extremist content over the past six months.

With more than 118 million views, Los Angeles-based choreographer Kyle Hanagami's "Shape of You" routine is the most-viewed choreography video on the platform ever, according to YouTube.

Pop singer Ed Sheeran's appearance on James Corden's popular Carpool Karaoke Segment marks the third consecutive year the series has been featured on YouTube's Rewind list. YouTube said Monday that it is also taking steps to try to reassure advertisers that their ads won't run next to gross videos.

As you starting winding down the year, watch "The Shape of 2017" below, and look forward to more viral content come 2018. "We tightened our policies on what content can appear on our platform, or earn revenue for creators".

The company isn't just banking on more human intervention, however. It's one of the channel's most watched video of all time. The task would have required 180,000 people working full-time to identify these clips - and not to mention the stress and trauma they'd have to endure in viewing and screening such content.

"Because we have seen these positive results, we have begun training machine-learning technology across other challenging content areas, including child safety and hate speech", she added.

The effort includes removing content that is not appropriate for young viewers.