GOP lawmaker suggest Dem. touching him is gay


Some representatives also put their faces in their hands, apparently embarrassed, including a man who appears to be state Rep. Brett Miller (R-Lancaster).

"Look, I'm a heterosexual", the conservative lawmaker tells Democratic Rep. Matt Bradford during a recent House committee meeting.

Meanwhile, Metcalfe has doubled down on his interruption: "I don't know what [Bradford's sexuality] is", he said. I have a wife.

"But stop touching me all the time", he said. Metcalfe said in a video to his supporters and constituents that "we must continue to defeat the left, defeat unruly progressive mobs, and defeat all other enemies of liberty". Like, if you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle that might like it. It should be noted that Rep. Bradford is also married to a woman and has four children.

"We're officially off the rails", Bradford said in response.

At the meeting, he assured Metcalfe: "My intent was just to beg for your permission for about 30 seconds", to which Metcalfe replied: "Then beg, don't touch".

At worst, Bradford's light touch is a testament that men have a tendency to bypass personal boundaries, but the real takeaway here is that Metcalfe holds some serious gendered, homophobic beliefs and sees gayness as an insult and something to fear.

'I have a wife, I love my wife.

He came under immediate criticism for the comments, and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has called on Metcalfe, who has served in the statehouse since 1999, to resign from office.

Where he comes from, Metcalfe added, such behavior could constitute battery - and would justify someone defending himself.

When Channel 11 asked if Bradford thinks Metcalfe should resign, he said he's too close to the situation to comment on that.

In making his point, he briefly touched the chairman's forearm. Bradford was shocked and didn't know how to respond.

Rep. Brian Sims, a Democrat representing Philadelphia, called Metcalfe's remarks "shocking" and an "odd and nasty outburst".

Bradford went on to state that Metcalfe has taken some "extreme views" in the past, and this isn't the first time the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has fought for his resignation.

Sims, who is the only openly gay member of Pennsylvania's General Assembly and has clashed with Metcalfe multiple times in the past, went on to accuse Metcalfe of homophobia and bigotry. In 2015, after the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality nationwide, he accused the justices of "judicial tyranny" setting themselves "above God's law, natural law and the will of the people across this country". "He has invited white supremacists to the capitol [to] testify on behalf of his positions, defended white nationalists, and refused to condemn racist violence".