Germany: More than 40 injured in train crash


Meanwhile German Rail has said 20 people were injured in the accident, reports RP Online.

While three passengers were "badly hurt", the others suffered light injuries, the Meerbusch fire department said on Twitter.

The horrific smash occurred near the Meerbusch-Osterath station, on the outskirts of Dusseldorf in the west of the country. However, the authorities later clarified just 5 people were injured.

At least 50 people were injured in a collision between a passenger train and a freight train near the German city of Duesseldorf on Tuesday evening, police told AFP.

The Meerbusch fire department said many passengers were trapped in the derailed train as rescue efforts were hampered by torn power cables that posed a risk for the rescue teams.

The fire department shared an image of the scene with an update on the situation.

Firefighters from the nearby town of Kaarst are assisting in the rescue operation.