Fargo group protests, raises awareness on net neutrality


New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and twenty-eight US senators said Monday they were seeking a delay in a Federal Communications Commission vote to repeal Obama-era Internet regulations, citing a profusion of fake public comments surrounding the hot-button issue. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the City of New York, and advocacy groups made a similar case. "An investigation by my office has revealed that this process has been deeply corrupted".

On Dec. 14, the FCC intends to vote on a proposal called Restoring Internet Freedom Draft Order, repealing the current net-neutrality rules.

Repealing net neutrality would essentially turn your internet service provider (Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, etc.) into the single most influential gatekeeper of your entire online experience.

The fight over fake comments is a new front in a almost year-long long tussle over whether a rollback of landmark Internet regulations will hurt or help consumers. The Mozilla and Ipsos survey also highlighted how little faith Americans had in their own government to follow public opinion: 78 percent of Americans place little or no faith in Congress to protect their access to the internet, and right now they appear to be correct.

This comes as an FCC vote to repeal Obama-era Internet Neutrality, rules possibly comes next week. It's good principle. It treats America's internet service providers as a utility. The August study by researcher Emprata found that among the sliver of comments that were unique, non-form letters, more (1.77 million) were against the repeal than for the repeal (24,000). Many people only have one option to access the internet.

Of the two ways the vote could be stopped-the first being one of three FCC board members votes no, the second being the vote is blocked by the US Senate- Shasserre said the latter is more likely.

Congress and the courts must stop the FCC from repealing current net neutrality rules on December 14. Much like other public utilities, the Internet has become a necessity. In fact, Schneiderman's suggested launching an investigation into the reportedly fake comments.