2018 emoji feature proposal released


Emojis are a relatively recent phenomenon that allows us to convey our feelings and words through fun images rather than words. Now the consortium has given developers the first Emoji 11 beta, which contains 130 draft emojis, including a female superhero, a lobster and a party face.

The Unicode Consortium - the organization responsible for adding and approving new emojis - has recently added new and updated collections to the iOS 12 emojis, set for release in 2018.

Following that, vendors like Google, Microsoft, and Apple will be able to implement reversible emoji and new candidates in the second half of 2018.

And you think to yourself, "Look at how talented these enterprising young rodents are", and "I would like to celebrate this opus by recreating it using emoji", like so:. Those with red hair and no hair were previously left behind despite a huge amount of emojis being released over the years.

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In addition to the new figures themselves, Unicode 11 also proposes support for reversible emoji.

Those googly eyes on emojis that now face left could be made to face to the right next year if Apple or other device vendors decide to give you the option. "The following ZWJ mechanism can be used to pick an explicit direction".

According to Emojipedia, there are 2666 emojis in the "Unicode Standard" as of June 2017, meaning that there must be ENDLESS situations in which aesthetic confusion is created by emoji that face the wrong way.

Emoji are a big part of today's conversations and they're constantly evolving, improving, and expanding.

The proposal to include this change in a future round of Unicode's emoji updates is just a draft at this point and might not ever become a feature on your phone.