PSN Leak Marks God Of War Release Date As March 22


Now, thanks to an apparent leak from the PlayStation Store, we may have a concrete release date for Kratos' next (bloody) adventure. It is possible that this is the prelude to the revelation of the release date of God of War.

The sequel/reboot, God of War, is one of the most anticipated PS4 releases scheduled for 2018. While this is by no means an official confirmation of the game's release date, it is worth noting that this would put the game's release date in the Q1 window that has been heavily suggested by the developer. The site has since been corrected to the old placeholder date of December 31, 2018, but not before I took a screenshot. That lines up with Sony's early 2018 estimate from E3, and gives the start of next year another huge title to look forward to. They've historically preferred either Tuesdays or Fridays. Are any of you looking forward to God of War next year? This might be the release a brief change in the date was seen. All the mainline entries has had a release date on March and coincidentally 22 March is also the release date of the first ever God of War game that was in 2005 for the PS2.

Sony hasn't said a word about this yet, and likely won't until the PlayStation Experience event rolls around later this week. Apart from this game, other releases are Days Gone, The Last of Us Part 2, and Spider-man.

As spotted by Dualshockers, the North America PSN store now lists God of War for pre-order.