Overwatch League Uniform Skins Will Be Available for In-Game Purchase


Of course, one of the major features in the Overwatch League is the teamplay.

Blizzard released the announcement on Overwatch League team skins just before the eSports league's preseason, which is set to start on December 6.

The uniform skins are expected to be introduced in early 2018, likely around the time when Overwatch League regular-season play starts January 10. The cost of the Overwatch League uniform skins is unknown at the moment, as is the percentage of sales that goes directly to Overwatch League teams.

Blizzard has published a new video dedicated to the upcoming Overwatch League. The players will be able to acquire these skins for any 26 heroes in the game.

On the upside, you'll be able to use League Tokens to purchase specific skins, which does sound better than cracking open a loot box and scoring a skin of a team you despise for a character you've never touched in your life.

Teams will have access to color themed skins in the gameplay which will make it easier to identify team members and be visually uniform as well. According to Nanzer, while all 12 Overwatch League team skins will be available for all the heroes of the game, players will need to spend a new in-game currency named Overwatch League tokens. The company says the decision was made so that the profits from purchases can be properly split between the developer and each of the league's teams. These tokens will only be used for in-game content. The company will be giving each Overwatch player enough tokens for one free league skin.