Kim Kardashian angers Taylor Swift's fans after posting photo of controversial waxwork


Despite him claiming she had approved the lyric, Swift denied it.

That Kanye West song "Famous", as you'll remember, re-ignited the drama between West and Swift in 2016, and Kim Kardashian found herself in the middle of it all when she leaked footage of Taylor Swift approving the line about her line past year. So Kim leaked the audio on Snapchat, Taylor's reputation imploded, and she disappeared for months.

Look what she made them do.

Kardashian used Instagram Monday to share a snap of an exhibit that was set up past year to mimic the video, which Swift fans immediately took to be a jab at the pop star. It features the naked wax sculptures used by West in his "Famous" music video, which was a send-up of celebrity culture that included the likes of President Donald Trump and, yes, Swift in the nude.

Do you think Kim was really trying to take a shot at Taylor, or is this one case where fans are overreacting?

The controversial picture, which has over 1.5 million likes on the social media site, shows Kim taking photos at Kanye West's "Famous" exhibition at Los Angeles gallery Blum and Poe. Swift later wrote in a now-deleted post that she was never made aware of the line "I made that b- famous". Despite this, Kim K fans took to Taylor's Instagram to brand her a snake - bombarding her with snake emojis.

The singer's new album Reputation has just proved that she just isn't here for petty feuds anymore, but a recent Instagram post has suggested that her fight with Kim has reignited.

The 27-year-old fired back, saying she never heard the full song, as the 40-year-old allegedly promised, and was upset about the "I made that bitch famous" line, which he didn't play for her during their phone conversation.