Fitbit Updates Ionic Smartwatch With More Apps


Three more apps - a mood-tracking watchface, a tennis-tracking app, and a treasure-hunting game - are also slated to roll out in for Fitbit Labs testers later this month.

First introduced in October, the Fitbit Ionic offers advanced health and fitness features, including personalized training, running companion, and swim mode. Now Fitbit is updating the watch software with several dozen more apps, with new ones now available from well known companies such as Philips, Flipboard, and Yelp (yelp). Those aren't exactly the sexiest or most useful names in the app game, but many more are expected by the end of the year, including Uber, Clue, Nest, TripAdvisor, and United Airlines.

Some new programs from Fitbit's in-house R&D team will join the third-party offerings, giving users some gamified activity programs to help push engagement.

The new apps won't immediately vault the Ionic into Apple Watch territory, what with its two-year head start and pedigree, but it's a decent start - if it's not too late after the launch to make a dent, that is.

The Fitbit OS update announced today, December 5, adds 14 new apps to the new Fitbit App Store, although some aren't quite ready for public release.

The biggest focus of this update is on watch faces and apps, and this is quite obvious with the fact that users will now be able to download and access over 100 new watch faces and more than 60 additional apps.

Global customers will gain access to on-device offline music streaming via Deezer, but they'll have to wait until next year.

More apps and clock faces are on the way, too.

Fitbit is tackling some of the biggest concerns about the Fitbit Ionic with its first major update.

This new Fitbit Ionic software update is rolling out now.

At-a-glance access to your personal friend network with the new Fitbit Leaderboard app. See where you stack up against family, friends and coworkers as you motivate each other to reach your goals. Throughout my time with the Fitbit Ionic, I've found Fitbit OS to be too laggy, nearly to the point where I don't want to wear the watch at all.