These Chromebooks come with 6 months of free Netflix


First-time buyers get an exclusive free auto pack in Gameloft's Asphalt 8, $20 Google Play credit, 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years, and 90 days of unlimited music on Google Play.

The offer is based on Netflix's awkwardly titled "Two Screens at a Time Streaming Plan" which costs $10.99 a month, bringing the total saving to a tasty $65.94. Carriers do it, too - T-Mobile recently teamed up with Netflix to subsidize family plan subscribers' Netflix plans, and Sprint's now offering a free Hulu subscription for new subscribers.

To get your free Netflix, you can visit the Chromebook offer site and hit "Redeem" from the eligible machine.

This appears to apply to recent purchases as well.

Given the current rate of Netflix plans, this is a $65.94 Netflix credit to when redeemed, according to Android Central. This will allow them to buy apps from the store or pay for subscriptions.

Although the offer is specifically for the standard plan, you can also apply the value of the offer to a different plan, such as the four-screen premium plan, which includes 4K UHD streaming.

While the freebie is primarily advertised towards those who have yet to sign-up for a Netflix subscription, existing users with one of the selected Chromebooks can also redeem the offer against their account balance.

If you've been thinking about adding a Chromebook to your holiday wish-list, Google is offering to sweeten the deal with a tempting Netflix subscription thrown into some of the most popular models. Quality is only up to HD and can be sent out to two devices only.