International Space Station crew member's wish comes true with pizza party


And everyone knows that a great pizza requires a quality pizza oven-probably not the best use of space and resources on something like the International Space Station (ISS).

Paolo Nespoli, an Italian astronaut and Europe's oldest space explorer (he's 60-years old), thanked his on team members on Earth for sending his crew pizza ingredients after he "casually mentioned" that he missed pizza.

The crew did, however, have to make it themselves, presumably because the Domino's delivery guy couldn't make the trip on his scooter. But space pizza? Well, just see for yourself.

A supply spacecraft in mid-November brought all the necessary ingredients: sauce, cheese, pepperoni, anchovy paste, tomatoes and more.

Once assembled, the crew tossed and twirled their pizzas like floating frisbees before heating and eating them.

Commander Randy Bresnik called the pizzas "flying saucers of the edible kind".

It's not the first time the space inhabitants have shown us how they do everyday things aboard the ISS, proving that it's never quite the same in microgravity conditions.

While pizza in space (that should be a full-length motion picture) sounds exciting, these pies don't actually look all that appetizing.