'House Of Cards' back on - without Kevin Spacey


Netflix went on to fire Spacey last month, but has since confirmed that House of Cards will get a proper end with a final season arriving some time next year. The show was suspended earlier this year following accusations of sexual harassment against the actor.

Said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer for Netflix, "We are excited to bring closure to fans".

Structuring the final season in such a way and abandoning the footage of Spacey seems to be the best thing that the show do in order to move forward and avoid some of the distractions that they would have had otherwise.

Sarandos said the final season would star Robin Wright in the lead.

Actor Anthony Rapp made the initial allegations, saying Spacey made unwanted moves on him in his NY apartment in the 1986, when Rapp was a 14-year-old stage actor.

Wright plays the wife of Spacey's scheming politician character Frank Underwood on the show. Each of the previous season have comprised 13 episodes.

Production of the show has been on hiatus since October, leaving its 370 crew members in limbo. It was unclear whether filming would ever resume on the Emmy-winning series.

These include two investigations by police in the United Kingdom into allegations against the actor.

"There's a amusing debate over whether a movie for Netflix is really a movie, " Sarandos said. The fifth season of the drama ended with her character taking over as US president.

Sarandos did not say when season six would air or how Spacey's character would be treated in the show.

It was the first major original Netflix show. While it sounds like Netflix may be most focused on that concept, there are at least two others getting big attention, the sources had claimed.