Lawmaker Proposes To Gay Partner During Same-Sex Marriage Debate


The House of Representatives is holding its final two-week session of the year, which is giving priority to lifting the ban on same-sex marriage ion Australia.

"This debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship", Wilson said, paying tribute to Bolger, a school teacher. "Ryan Patrick Bolger Will you marry me?"

Mr Wilson described the pair waking before sunrise during a trip to Hamilton Island when he presented Mr Ryan with the ring.

Officials from the House of Representatives noted on Twitter that he was also the first member of Parliament to ever propose in the chamber.

Earlier this year, about 80% of eligible voters participated in the voluntary survey - a turnout larger than for the Brexit vote and Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum.

While they already considered themselves engaged, the rings they wore on their left hands, he said, were their answers to a question that they once could not ask.

The Speaker recorded the moment for Hansard - including noting that his partner had said "yes" from the gallery.

It's the first time a marriage proposal has been made during a parliamentary sitting.

Malcolm Turnbull wants to make sure celebrants don't have to preside over same- sex weddings and religious organisations don't lose charity status if they believe marriage should only be between men and women.

Warren Entsch, a long-term advocate of marriage equality within the conservative government, helped draft the bill and was the first to speak for it in the House on Monday.

"It would be absurd if we end up with the Senate approving marriage equality in one form, the House of Representatives approving marriage equality in a different form, and we will still not get the change through", he said.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott, a fierce no campaigner, flagged amendments to the bill, but said he will be voting in favour of legalising same-sex marriage.

Green party senator Sarah Hanson-Young gave an emotional speech urging Parliament to take this momentous step.