IPhone X Models with Qualcomm Modem Still Outpaces Those with Intel Modem


In any event, the news means that you're definitely going to be getting better LTE performance on your iPhone X if you use Verizon or Sprint in the US.

"Apple is the quintessential example of a company engaging in patent hold-out, and has repeatedly pursued a patent hold-out strategy using its enormous financial resources to harm innovators of technologies it uses", Qualcomm said in a legal filing. If you're on the GSM network used by T-Mobile and AT&T, your phone most likely has the A1901 chip made by Intel.

Qualcomm [corporate website] filed three lawsuits [complaint, PDF; complaint, PDF; complaint, PDF] against Apple [corporate website] Thursday, seeking compensation for alleged patent infringement. Qualcomm goes even further as it asked for the imports of iPhone X that are using the models from its rival company Intel to be banned. In these instances, the Qualcomm modem experienced 67 percent faster download speeds on average compared to the Intel modem. Qualcomm also pointed out the similarities the interface that webOS used to utilize. The US International Trade Commission is now investigating Qualcomm's claims that iPhone imports and sales should be blocked in the country due to various infringements.

Qualcomm wrote in one of their lawsuits that all the Palm inventions which they own have significantly improved the functionality of smartphones and the user experience. However, in the countersuit filed on Wednesday, Apple claims to have developed its own technology and patents to power its iPhones. However this week, Qualcomm is updating those claims to include the iPhone X in its ban, which was not yet released to the public when the legal dispute started.

Reuters had reached out to Apple for a comment on the new lawsuit, but the company declined to comment. Both Qualcomm and Apple have filed disputes claiming that each others' patents are being infringed upon. Broadcom offered $130 billion to buy Qualcomm in what would have been the biggest tech acquisition ever, but Qualcomm rejected it because it thought that the price was still too low.