Woman Raises Over $290000 For Homeless Veteran Who Saved Her


A homeless man who spent his last $20 on a New Jersey woman whose auto ran out of gas has received more than $325,000 in charitable pledges after she started a fund-raising drive to reward him for his generosity. Bobbitt, who has been homeless for about a year, took his last $20 and walked to a nearby gas station to fill a red gas tank to fill McClure's vehicle.

He said those causes include programs for "homeless vets and a few organizations that helped him the a year ago or two".

Then a homeless veteran approached her.

McClure, who was in town to visit a friend, didn't have anything to give to repay Johnny at the time, so she told him she would return. He was so concerned that he walked a few blocks over to a gas station. Using his last 20 dollars to make sure I could get home safe. Each time, Johnny showed gratefulness and generosity.

Bobbitt, he said, also wants to help a woman who works at one of the organizations and who "always went above and beyond" her duties to help people.

McClure has been dropping by his spot on the Interstate to repay him for the gas, provide him with warm clothes, food and water since that act of kindness. According to PhillyVoice.com, McClure got out of her vehicle to walk to a gas station when she was approached by a homeless man, identified only as Johnny.

"That's when I met Johnny", she continues. Kate gave the campaign an original target of $10,000 (£7,500), saying that all Johnny needs is "one little break".

On Thanksgiving day, the fundraiser accrued $110,000 in donations - far beyond the goal of $10,000 Kate had set. Then they chose to start the fund, with the aim of helping Bobbitt get the first and last months rent for an apartment, a vehicle and expense money until he could find work.

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