The old £10 note will go out of circulation in March 2018


The old-style £10 notes must be spent by March 1 2018, the Bank of England have confirmed.

The old note is being gradually withdrawn from circulation, and the new £10, which only entered circulation in September, already accounts for 55% of £10 notes now in use.

Paper bank notes - £5, £10 and £20 - are slowly being replaced by plastic notes, which are more secure and harder to counterfeit, more resistant to dirt and more durable.

Around 55 per cent of the £10 notes now in circulation are the newer version pictured above, while the remaining 359 million are made of paper. New five (you can see the portrait of Winston Churchill on it) is the new variation of the banknote, also shows the higher level of durability, it is also cleaner than old-fashioned paper notes.

The new notes are also said to be indestructible, and it is hoped they will last significantly longer than their predecessors.

After the March deadline, the old notes will only be able to be exchanged at the Bank of England. However the introduction of the new material caused some controversy when it was revealed that the polymer used contained traces of animal fat - or fallow - and were unsuitable for vegetarians.

The note, which is slightly smaller than its paper predecessor, includes a series of raised dots in the top left-hand corner to help visually-impaired users to identify the denomination of the note.

Over one billion new £10 notes were printed ready for issue back in September.