Release date, specs and everything you need to know — HTC Vive Focus


The headset is designed with visual elements taken from the PlayStation VR and HTC's Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and has a bright blue colour profile.

Upgrading the HTC Vive's "room-scale" system to "world-scale", the new Vive Focus uses cameras positioned on the headset and facing outwards to map the environment and let the user navigate through virtual worlds, even if they are in a confined space. Vive just announced its first stand-alone, completely untethered headset – the Vive Focus.

"With the new Vive Focus, we are excited to bring high-quality 6DoF VR experiences, which were previously only available on tethered devices, in a more convenient and portable form factor", said Alvin Wang Graylin, China regional president of HTC Vive. Then came this baffling statement from HTC shortly after the keynote: "We still have a great relationship with Google, but will not be bringing a standalone device to the Western markets on Daydream".

HTC and Google have confirmed that the planned headset that the two companies were making based on HTC's WorldSense technology has been cancelled. VP of VR Clay Bavor later reconfirmed the news.

The appeal of the Vive Focus goes beyond its standalone capabilities though. The Vive Focus features built-in six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) positional tracking, alleviating the need for extra sensors, and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Lenovo is still working with Google on a headset. It also comes with a 3DoF Bluetooth controller. Content from Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR is also said to arrive on Vive Wave soon. It is an open interface that is created to allow interoperability between numerous mobile headsets and accessories. Additionally, the Taiwanese company has released its View Wave SDK to help third-party vendors integrate their accessories with the new hardware. 12 hardware partners have already signed up to the platform, including 360QIKU, Baofengmojing, Coocaa, EmdoorVR, Idealens, iQIYI, Juhaokan, Nubia, Pico, Pimax, Quanta and Thundercomm. That unit is called HTC Vive Focus and was officially unveiled today.

"Without the need to be attached to a PC or a phone, Vive Focus provides unlimited freedom of mobility while reducing the total cost for users to own a premium VR device".