Matt Damon and Ben Affleck auditioned for Robin in Tim Burton's Batman


That's what a flushed Jimmy Kimmel received on his 50th birthday, courtesy of Ben Affleck (his on-and-off boyfriend and actual superhero actor in the upcoming Justice League) and J.J.

The Terrible Ten includes Affleck, Zach Galifianakis, Shaquille O'Neal, Will Arnett, Jon Hamm, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston. Affleck reflected on the great chemistry the Justice League stars had with each other on set and how uncomfortable his Batman costume is before revealing why he made a decision to put the suit on in the first place.

Affleck, who plays Batman in the DCEU, recently opened up about growing up as a child actor with Damon on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and he revealed that both of them auditioned to play Robin in Tim Burton's 1989 adaptation of Batman. The executive producers are Jim Rowe, Wesley Coller, Curt Kanemoto, Chris Terrio and Ben Affleck.

Yep, I'm not at all surprised that Matt Damon played the ultimate bad guy in Kimmel's story.

The team included Muscle Man and Crayon Kid - plus there's an Oirish superhero in the mix in leprechaun hero Lucky Lad.

"The characters, they really spoke to me", deadpans Abrams in the clip. While there's a degree of insincerity in the talk show news cycle, this bit seems truly sweet and genuine - you can tell by the the way that Kimmel hides his face and chuckles throughout Abrams' introduction of the comic book and the trailer that he didn't expect a gift of this magnitude. "We all suck", he says of their superpowers. "We were created by a weird sad kid who grew to later become a weird fat man".

"My son, two weeks ago, said to me, 'Dad, there's one costume I want in the whole wide world".