GameStop Temporarily Halts PowerPass Unlimited Used Games Rental Service


PowerPass was first leaked late last month, and allows customers to rent an unlimited number of used games (one at a time) during a six-month period. Although GameStop didn't get into specifics, it did confirm that it has chose to delay the introduction of the program - for now. Additionally, a GameStop spokesperson told Kotaku that those who have already purchased their membership through the soft launch can receive a full refund, and pick out a used game to keep for their troubles.

Either way, the PowerPass program is now suspended and there's no word whether or not the program will be reinstated. "We feel this is the right thing to do for now to ensure we are able to provide our guests an exceptional service", a GameStop spokesperson said.

Kotaku reports that GameStop employees have been instructed to remove signage advertising PowerPass from stores. When Kotaku reached out to GameStop about the suspension, the company said "program limitations" were largely to blame.

For now, buying games at GameStop requires old-fashioned monetary exchange.

There is no word as of yet regarding when PowerPass will return or what changes might be in place based on the "program limitations" that GameStop encountered.

The program went through a soft launch in some locations earlier this month, with its full rollout to follow later. Employee speculation centers around GameStop's antiquated point-of-sale system, and specifically that it isn't equipped to handle the mechanics of a game rental service. The program was originally scheduled to fully launch in the coming weeks, with sign-ups to begin on November 19. It is unclear when the program will return to GameStop for the public, if ever.