Shield vs. Bar & Miz Set For Tonight's WWE Raw


Additionally, Paige is backstage at WWE Raw tonight, and although she was originally scheduled to return on the show and join Team Raw for Survivor Series, that is no longer the plan. However, The Big Dog was struck down with a virus that ran rampant through the Raw locker room and has been absent from WWE ever since.

Prior to Reigns' missing time with an illness, there was talk regarding whether The Shield would have another match together as a unit at Survivor Series in addition to their bout at TLC.

Now that Reigns has returned, however, Raw looks far stronger and prepared to handle whatever SmackDown throws in its direction.

- We've noted how James Ellsworth received beatdowns from the female SmackDown Superstars, including Carmella, at the last live events on the WWE European tour this past week.

He was supposed to reunite with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at TLC but was replaced by the returning Kurt Angle.

Cesaro & Sheamus won the Raw Tag Team Championship from Rollins & Ambrose in Manchester last week, with a distraction from The New Day playing a part as they faked another SmackDown invasion of Raw.

It may be a clever bit of hype if The Usos as well as The New Day interfere. Whether that match happens or not you won't have to wait for that Shield match.