NJ Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad inspires first hijab-wearing Barbie


Now that Mattel has made a doll for girls like her, Muhammad knows it will make a difference: "I hope that little girls of color across the heartland will be inspired to embrace what makes them unique", she said of girls who will play with this Barbie. Now, the Olympian says she is elated to have a doll made to her likeness. The new doll is the newest addition to the brand's annual Shero program, which honors admirable women and their achievements. Barbie also tweeted a preview of the doll. Ashley Graham, who debuted her own Barbie at last year's Women of the Year Summit, helped introduce the new doll. and the whole exchange gave us a lot of feelings.

"I'm proud to know that little girls everywhere can now play with a Barbie who chooses to wear hijab!" she wrote in her caption.

Muhammad turned serious remembering her childhood experiences playing with Barbie-and how she wished for one that looked like her.

According to PEOPLE, Muhammad was very involved in the creation of the doll, so aside from the hijab, it has her fencing uniform, mask and sabre, her signature winged liner, her muscular legs and her Nikes. "Now Mattel is doing it for us", she added.

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Glamour called Muhammad "a modern American woman" for her ability to challenge multiple stereotypes in her life.

Though Muslim women will no doubt be elated to have an official hijab-wearing Barbie, hijab-wearing women haven't been waiting for Mattel to include them in official Barbie fashions.

The company followed suit with Ken dolls earlier this year.

"Thank you Mattel for announcing me as the newest member of the Barbie Shero family!" After earning the bronze for sabre fencing, she became the first female Muslim-American to win an Olympic medal.

There has never been a Barbie doll to wear a hijab before.

The opportunity to be immortalized into a Barbie doll is a major thing, and to have that honor while also representing for a group of people who could use more representation in all facets is something Muhammad is especially grateful for. And that's something to celebrate.