Dramatic moment hero airport worker grabs smoking bag before explosion


The incident, which occurred at the Orlando airport late Friday afternoon and captured on video, shows TSA officer Ricardo Perez grabbing the smoking bag and placing it between two pillars in a fearless attempt to avert disaster.

November 10, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) - An exploding lithium battery in a camera bag at Orlando International Airport set off a scene of total chaos and delayed flights for several hours Friday.

Phil Brown of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority said officials are trying to figure out more effective ways to get information out to thousands of passengers-quickly.

"No one could go to the airside until this was accomplished and gate areas were found to be secure", Brown said. He says a complete review of airport response will take place on Monday.

Numerous flights were delayed due to the incident.

A spokesperson for the TSA said that some people panicked and went running through security checks without being screened, so agents directed a ground stop at the airport and ordered more than 5,000 passengers be rescreened. OPD was quick to dispel early rumors of an active shooter and clarified on Twitter that no shots were fired.

That incident caused panic and evacuations at the Orlando International Airport.

"It was pandemonium", Mike Robinson told the Orlando Sentinel.

In an abundance of caution, passengers inside the terminal were instructed to exit the building while Orlando Police and airport staff investigated.

The checkpoint for gates 70 through 129 was reopened after security sweeps indicated they could be safely reactivated.

It turned out it was a lithium battery inside a camera.

After investigation, it has been determined that a lithium-ion battery inside a camera overheated and exploded.