Colin Kaepernick: Meek Mill Victim of 'Systemic Oppression' After Prison Term


Meek Mill was arrested twice in 2017, violating his probation from a 2008 gun and drug case.

Meek Mill received the prison sentence after multiple probation violations that include an arrest involving ATV riding charges in NY and for an altercation at a St. Louis airport earlier this year.

Comedian Kevin Hart and rappers Big Sean and T.I. are supporting a planned rally set to take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Monday (13Nov17) to protest Meek Mill's imprisonment. I would hate to see him incarcerated for these violations. Rick Ross got on the microphone to share his feelings about Meek's case and the overall state of the criminal justice system. A couple other celebrities also showed up to the rally including some Philadelphia Eagles players like Wendell Smallwood, Torrey Smith, and Jalen Mills. "We stand for justice", reads one flyer, which calls for a crowd to gather at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia.

"Yes, there needs to be action surrounding sentencing reform, but there needs to also be action taken around abolishing the racialized norms of injustice that can lead to Meek Mill serving 2-4 years in prison for non-violent parole violations, and Brock Turner serving 3 months in prison for three felony counts of sexual assault".

The two now talk regularly, according to Rubin, who wrote that Meek Mill is aware he is at a "pivotal point in his career" and "the stakes are high". Jay Z has chimed in on the sentence, calling it "unjust and heavy handed".

Judge Brinkley has overseen the case for years. Mill's lawyer Joe Tacopina told the site that he's filing the motions because he claims the judge has a personal vendetta against Mill.