Biden unsure if 2020 run 'appropriate thing for me to do'


Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Monday left the door open to a presidential run to challenge Republican President Donald Trump in the 2020 election and said he is focused now on boosting Democrats in the 2018 midterm races.

"I honest to God haven't made up my mind about that", Biden told the "Today" hosts when asked about a 2020 run. The Associated Press was provided with an exclusive preview of the interview. But in 2014, Beau's ability to speak had become compromised, and both Biden and his other son, Hunter, were anxious that Beau would have to resign from his position as Delaware Attorney General, which would leave his family with no income.

"Oh gosh, I don't know, " he said. "I'm not taking names, I'm not raising money, I'm not talking to anybody, but something's got to happen".

In Promise Me, Dad, Joe Biden writes that Barack Obama offered to pay for his son Beau Biden's cancer treatments, and the story will have you crying in your cubicle.

However, Boothe agreed that Biden would have fared better against Trump than Hillary did, especially among the working class.

John Kasich was interviewed alongside Biden for the Snapchat piece.

"We're both hoping that both our parties generate some real energetic people who have the depth and the capacity to do it", Biden said of the pair.

"I've done it a long time", the former senator from DE said. Biden, almost 75 years old, sought the Democratic nomination for the 1988 and 2008 elections, but he refused to do it in the last process after the death of his son Beau. Biden is launching a month-long tour to promote the book's publication. "And I'd much prefer to be helping someone turn it around than being the guy trying to turn it around". But do I regret not being president? Yes. Kasich declined to address his plans for 2020.