One Nation Senator leaves One Nation on first day of job


People knew something was up this morning when cross-bench senators Cory Bernardi and David Leyonhjelm led Fraser Anning, the new One Nation senator to be sworn in to the Senate on Monday morning.

Anning, who employed a cadre of Roberts' former staffers in the aftermath of his citizenship snafu, was reportedly barred from entering a One Nation party meeting this morning.

More telling however, in Hanson's statement, is the apparent jostling for position already underway before Anning - third on One Nation's Queensland senate ticket and thus next in line after Roberts, despite receiving just 19 primary vote - was handed the $200,000 a year job that runs until 2019.

The One Nation leader, who was not aware of several inappropriate posts raised by the media, said she would not by disendorsing Mr Thornton.

Anning later declared he had not left One Nation - it was Hanson who had kicked him out.

"Mr Anning was advised that David Goodridge, Leon Ashby, Richard Howard and Boston White were not welcome to this morning's party room meeting, because of their disloyalty to their former employer and myself", Hanson said.

He states that departure didn't constitute as a defection in his mind, and that "the next thing I knew, I saw on the TV that I had supposedly become an independent. I was forced to communicate through Fraser's brother while I was travelling through North Queensland in September", Senator Hanson said.

So far One Nation has been home for six senators, with two being disqualified on constitutional grounds and Senator Anning jumping elsewhere.

"It seems without even contacting me, Pauline has unilaterally kicked me out of her party".

There have been reports of strife between Senator Anning and One Nation and accusations the party asked him to stand aside to return Malcolm Roberts to the Senate. "I have to say I'm stunned".

The so-called One Nation "battler bus" has been touring regional Queensland since Monday.

There was an attempt at mediation by the two other One Nation senators, but that failed.

He was planning to move to the United States. "I'm not going to make any rash decisions", she said.

He had expected to be accompanied by One Nation senators into the Senate chamber for his swearing in, as is usual practice, but that changed at the last moment, he said.

Senator Hanson's statement claims Mr Anning informed the party he would stand as an Independent only minutes before he was sworn into the Senate.

Asked if Anning might join the Liberal Democrats Leyonhjelm said he had not spoken to him about that.

Mr Dickson said he's "delighted" with the major infrastructure priorities his party is delivering for the Coast.

He was angry the anonymous staffer had been talking to then plain Mr Anning, a Queensland publican who gained just 17 votes personally in the 2016 election.