Advertisers distance themselves from Hannity after Moore coverage


Keurig, meanwhile, said in a tweet to the head of the liberal group Media Matters for America that the company is pulling its ad from Hannity's show.

Some of the sponsors announced their decision not to run advertisements on Hannity's show via Twitter after the Fox News host asked his audience to give Moore the benefit of the doubt, according to CNBC News.

Of course, this movement has turned unavoidably political for the left and right, although the latter seems more intent upon producing a venomous result while the former side thinks Keurig will come out on top.

In one instance, Angelo Carusone, Media Matters' president, tagged a sponsor of Hannity's show while claiming that Hannity defends "sexually preying on children".

In a report from the Washington Post, the publication reported Moore allegedly tried to pursue romantic relationships with teenagers when he was in his thirties.

The company faced immediate and brutal backlash on social media.

By Sunday,, biotech company 23 And Me, women's clothing company Eloquii and vitamin distributor Nature's Bounty had also announced they were done running ads on Hannity's program.

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention".

"Hannity is blocked from our advertising list", Elouqii's Twitter account stated.

It's not entirely clear if this means Keurig is only pulling ads from Hannity's radio show but will continue to advertise on TV during "Hannity".

On Saturday, the host retweeted several memes of users expressing support for him, and some Hannity fans have went even further, starting a #BoycottKeurig campaign and sharing videos of people destroying the coffee machines.

Not all the feedback was negative, however, with some praising the coffee giants decision to distance itself from Hannity's program.

Fox News did not comment on the fleeing advertisers.