Venus, Jupiter conjunction tomorrow: Set your alarms for 45 minutes before sunrise


The Venus-Jupiter conjuction for 2017 - when two of the brighest planets in the night's sky come together -is taking place on Monday morning. Pictures taken at the right time show a crescent Moon that appears to be a smile when paired with the planetary conjunction of seemingly nearby Jupiter and Venus.

Observers will have to have an uninterrupted view to the south-east as the planets will be very low in the sky.

Venus is known as the brightest planet and it always follows up as the second one and will be "snuggling "with Jupiter". Even after and before the conjunction the two planets will remain in close proximity of each other.

As seen a year ago, the two planets will appear like a giant, bright ball of glob.

People residing in the United Kingdom will be able to watch the conjunction foor a good one hour as Venus will rise at 5:56 AM and Jupitar at 5:58 AM.

A conjunction between Jupiter and Mars is also expected after a few weeks when Venus and Jupiter drift apart from each other.

Early risers on Monday can towards the southeast, just above the horizon, to see planets Venus and Jupiter appear in close conjunction.

You should go out about 45 minutes before sunrise, and can expect a better a view if you stand on a hilltop or balcony, according to EarthSky.

It is the unusual proximity that will make the event bigger, although Venus will still be 246 million kilometers from Earth, while Jupiter is nearly 594 million miles away from us.

Though telescope users are strictly warned to be careful with the binoculars and telescope as the sun will be rising from the same side and if caught in telescope it can cause serious damage to the eyes because of no proper use of a sun filter.