Facebook starts programme to bolster digital skills


The program - which may well be a huge PR project for Facebook - follows up on the more than US$1 billion that company has already spent on supporting small businesses through their "Boost Your Business" platform. Facebook Inc. wants to solve that problem with the launch of a new outreach program called Facebook Community Boost, which is aimed at teaching digital and social media skills to business owners, entrepreneurs and job seekers around the country.

"We are excited and welcome Facebook to Albuquerque", Mayor Richard Berry said, following Zuckerberg's announcement.

Forty-six percent of small businesses on the platform in SC said Facebook is an essential tool for running their business, the press release said.

Called Community Boost, the program will visit 30 USA cities next year and work with local groups to train people in skills such as coding, building websites - and naturally, using Facebook for their business. The company said the locations were picked based on feedback from businesses who want to improve the digital training opportunities in their community.

Zuckerberg says the effort is not just about Facebook's business but its core mission. Facebook presented evidence that shows how digital technology can help businesses to grow.

If you're a business owner we're going to offer ways your business can expand its digital footprint and find new customers around the corner and around the globe. The company claimed that "Community Boost" will offer more than just Facebook training, partly by partnering with adult-focused tech schools and coding bootcamps in order to help them gain some real technology literacy. And we'll also help community members use technology to bring people together, with features like Events and Groups.

"I'm glad that Facebook recognized that one of the first five cities to benefit from this program should be Houston", Turner said. "This initiative will help train our residents in developing key skills to help them thrive in our ever-evolving digital world. We hope this will bring more tech skills and better job opportunities to our wonderful community".

After its launch, Facebook said its Community Boost project will extend to 25 other USA cities.