Philadelphia Flyers Hold Moment of Silence for Roy Halladay


Halladay, who twice won the game's top pitching award and threw one of only two no-hitters in postseason history, was killed when his small plane crashed off the west coast of central Florida. While that's to be expected when an all-time great and future Hall of Famer suddenly dies at the age of 40, how Felger approached the conversation made the show cringe-worthy. It was just dumb hyperbole. The presentation and the tone, and the hyperbole, was just low-class, bad, not good. I regret what happened yesterday.

Felger did admit he meant some of what he said about Halladay, whom he believes was too cavalier while flying his plane, but added his delivery was frightful and insensitive. "I have no defense, I have no explanation. I got no sympathy for you". "I've deserved what I've gotten in the last day or so". Felger clarified that he was referring to himself in a hypothetical scenario when he said those words. "You've got this family". But just so you know, that's where the "Roy Halladay deserves to die" line came from.

You can hear the audio of their rant. "You care that little about your life?" Police told NBC 10 Philadelphia that an officer assigned to the K9 Unit chased down the culprit, a male, and arrested him. "The rest of it was inappropriate enough where you don't have to give me the benefit of the doubt".

Even more incredibly, one of Felger's shots delivered on Wednesday landed on the late NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., who died in a crash at the Daytona 500 in 2001.

"Our family is heartbroken in confirming that Roy passed away in a plane crash Tuesday afternoon", the statement said.